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If you are a student who has lost a parent or legal guardian to homicide and would like to apply for this college scholarship, please send an email to contactus@sadfund.org.  In return, we will email you an application to apply today.

Below are the list of requirements to apply:

Applicant must have parent or legal guardian who was a victim of homicide  

Applicant must be a US Citizen and a high school senior (need proof of residency and birth certificate)

Applicant must participate as a camper at our bereavement camp to be eligible for the scholarship
Applicant must be a student who has been accepted and will be attending an accredited vocational, technical school, college or university
Applicant must have a 2.5 GPA or better
Applicant must submit a copy of a recent transcript (provide official transcript with seal)
Applicant must provide at least two letters of recommendation (cannot be a family member)
Applicant must submit an essay about their personal tragedy and how this opportunity would benefit their future
Finalists will be interviewed prior to being awarded the scholarship
This is a one-time scholarship.
Scholarship(s) will be awarded on the basis of funds available, need, and applicant eligibility
Scholarship(s) will be disbursed directly to accredited vocational, technical school, college or university
Scholarship(s) must be used within a year of being awarded, otherwise it will become void
Scholarship(s) to be awarded after our fall bereavement camp

As a part of the application process, each applicant who applies will be required to submit an essay about their personal tragedy.   A picture of your parent should be sent with the essay.  Each applicant who applies, with their written consent, will have their parent’s story and picture posted on a dedicated page on our website.

Once the application is completed please submit the following via US mail:

Completed application
Essay about your personal tragedy and picture of your deceased parent
Color copy of your license or state ID
Copy of your acceptance letter to an accredited vocational, technical school, college or university you will be attending
Two letters of recommendation
Official high school or college transcript
Copy of birth certificate
Scholarship Applications must be post marked by June 30th 2015

Here is our mailing address:

Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation
7820 W. Graphics Drive, Suite 106
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Attn: Scholarship Department

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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